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A key aspect of the project is the involvement of not just university staff but also NGOs and Government employees as well as student union representation and libraries with the aim of championing the role of persons with Special Needs in society.

The Library Access Liaison Officer which the DECIDE project will create in each PC institution will ensure libraries are accessible to all- disadvantaged groups including people with special needs and disabilities.
UTBV-the Coordinator of the project will communicate with the Partners on a day to day basis to ensure that the DECIDE project objectives are clearly highlighted and met and will implement procedures for efficiency of the project. They will ensure permanent and effective communication and reporting to foster effectibe cooperation between partners.

The project will conduct physical coordination meetings (PMC Meetings), once a year, every year as well as defined, timetabled project coordination meetings via web conferencing.

UTBV together with the PMC will steer the project and will intervene as necessary to readjust the project to the context, ensure consistent communication between partners and the organisation of Committee meetings.

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